Suck it SNUC

Okay, you have to get yourself in the mindset of someone whose life has been chaotic and terrifying for three weeks to appreciate this. Where gallows humor is one of the ways to survive and persist through the muck of sadness and complex medical care. My dear friend Kim, whose gifts of humor and intelligence know no bounds, wrote a rap that captures the essence of the current experience. Key to appreciating it is knowing that Mark has been a tad non-compliant, and that docs call skilled nursing a SNIF and that the cancer Mark has is called SNUC. Thanks for the LOL, Kim!

I feel so stuck
since I contracted this SNUC
going to a snif
hoping to avoid cDif
sick of my pic line
wanna be online
really not feelin fine
wanna see sunshine
optic nerve? not doing well
need a nurse? i refuse to ring the bell
gotta babysitter
restraints and the mittas
No to the sodium
wanna yell from podium

Kim’s song is much better than the poem I wrote last night (apologies to my mom and dad for cursing AGAIN):

Oh snap!
Mark has SNUC
And now we’re F*****ed.