Mark’s Obituary

My loving, kind, quiet, funny, positive, gentle, confident, and smart husband, Mark Joseph Hrehocik, crossed over the threshold of this world to the next on August 25, 2022, at age 59 from dementia caused by sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma and treatment. Born in and faithful to his Mon Valley roots, Mark was the epitomized Pittsburgher, holding only two jobs in his life: working a game booth at Kennywood Amusement Park and enjoying a 36-year career as a mechanical engineer at Bechtel Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory. A proud Slovak and the youngest of seven raised in Glassport, PA, Mark believed in both the simple joys of life and in working hard while pacing oneself. Mark loved mentoring younger engineers, spending time with his three children (Michael, Ben, and Matthew) and two step children (Anya and Alma), a solid round of golf, a lunchtime run on a hot day, and a poker game with friends. He could identify which play a Shakespeare quote was from and sing every lyric to songs from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley to REO Speedwagon. His two favorite books were Les Miserables and Ball Four

Predeceased by his first wife Kristen, stillborn daughter Kayleigh, parents Michael and Pauline (Terek) Hrehocik, and sister Tish, Mark knew sorrow. He drew from this deep well, practicing compassion for others, a seize-the-day zeal for life, and the wisdom of knowing that sitting outside enjoying a sunset has just as much value as accomplishing any task. We learned from each other the depths of love in the hardest of times. We were grateful for the good days and found joy tucked into the folds of the bad days. We felt fortunate for the time we had together. 

Mark and I knew each other through nearly equal years of sickness and health. Mark was always insistent that he was going to live forever. He would have given anything for one more day with Michael, Ben, and Matthew, and to get that—just like their mom did—Mark gave everything. I wish he had been right, but Lord, did he fight a good fight. 

My Mark now sails through time and space, launched into the unknown and unknowable, a brilliant soul and spirit untethered from the confines of our small and beautiful world. In addition to me (his wife, Diane Reckless), Mark is survived by many who loved him: his three sons, Michael, Ben, and Matthew; two step-children Anya and Alma; four sisters, Paula Roche (John, dec.), Teena Culbert (Roy), Jane Clampitt (Henry), and Marcia Uziel (Don, dec.); a brother, Michael Hrehocik (Vickie); nieces, nephews, friends, and a huge and immensely generous community that rallied to support our family for the past three years. 
Please join us for a celebration of Mark’s life at East Liberty Presbyterian Church, 116 S. Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, on Saturday, September 10, at 10:30am. Reception to follow in the church social hall. Please feel free to send all the flowers; Mark loved them. Memorial donations in Mark’s memory may be made to the Light of Life Rescue Mission, 913 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. Please visit the funeral home website ( to leave a personal message of condolence for Mark’s family.


Apparently the Rainbow Bridge is for animals, not people, but I like to think that Mark passed over riding on a glorious spectrum of light energy, has found his mom, dad, sister, and first wife, Kristen, has met his baby daughter Kayleigh for the first time, and is petting their dog Seamus. I hope he is laughing, singing, and organizing a softball game. I hope those that went before him gave advance notice to the angels that Mark likes to do things his own way, is deeply compassionate and kind, and may not follow every heavenly rule to the exact letter. Mark Joseph Hrehocik passed away at 12:55am, August 25, 2022, eight hours shy of exactly 10 years since Kristen died. He was surrounded by love and laughter and tears. He was and will always be cherished. Service to be announced.

My Mark

Dear Friends and Family near and far, neighbors, community members, and virtual strangers who have appeared and woven themselves into a cherished framework of online support: My beautiful Mark is leaving us. He was diagnosed in August 2019 with sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma. He is cancer free, but the accumulated damage from tumor and treatment has become too much for Mark to endure. Ultimately, radiation causing encephalomalacia (brain damage), and the encephalomalacia causing seizures that are drug resistant, is the probable cause. His body is simply slowing down and stopping. He is comfortable and being cared for by a wonderful team. Everyday, I tell Mark over and over the best thing I know to say: he is good, and he is loved. Every person reading this has helped us in some way, even if just by joining us from afar on this journey. Thank you. There have been many terrible times and many joyous moments and so many peaceful hours of contentment and love. I am grateful for the three bonus years Mark and I had together. I will keep holding his hand until the time comes when his spirit is ready to soar. With love, Diane