Open House

A snapshot of my morning nonsequitur brain. Thinking about failing to a safe state. Can I model this for my students by plugging in a hot plate to a GFCI outlet and then throwing some water at at?…. I always loved the song “Open House” by Lou Reed. I’m going to pull it up on Spotify for my commute in. Something about Lou Reed sometimes choosing to sing, mostly not, sometimes squeezing in the lyrics between the rhythm and notes. The one breakout part at the end where he sings “fly me to the moon, fly me to the stars.” (The song works better laying in a dark room–I think it also works driving on an overcast day)….. I hope my daughter didn’t try riding her new motorcycle to work in the rain today …. I wonder if Matthew will walk home from school in the rain or decide not to go to speech and debate…I wonder if the Ride Health folks will drop Mark off somewhere I can find him at the hospital for his MRI today…should I stop and get gas on my way to work or on my way home?…I remember an old friend had a parenting blog for a while called ” Dining with Squirrels.” Maybe I can start a blog called “Inhabited by Squirrels”….cranially speaking.

Ever onward, D