Random things from today

1. We are jumping ship from one hospital to another for Mark’s radiation oncology. Zapping his head with radiation just seems like too sensitive of a thing to not go with a team that solely focuses on head and neck cancers. I don’t love the idea of starting over with a new place and new people and systems to learn, but it’s gotta be done.
2. The radiation oncologist doctor talked to their ENT surgeon, who thinks that he may be able to surgically resect the tumor. Stay tuned. Waiting for a phone call from the surgeon.
3. Mark goes to sleep every night by 7 pm. You’d think this would give me some time to myself, but I seem highly capable of filling it with meaningless activities and then falling asleep by 9 pm.
4. Mark’s caregiver was here from 6:30-2 today, and then his friend Kevin came from 2-5:30. This left me a one hour window after work and before I had to be home. A rare hour for me! I used it well. Found a parking spot at the mall and crawled into the back seat and slept. It was great!
Ever onward, D.