Love is All You Need

Mark will be moved to Encompass Sewickley acute rehab tonight. He’s had a rough day, cognitively. While I’m happy that he’s confident enough to declare that he’s 10 feet tall, the PT staff should definitely not set his walker height to that. He stood up today and he wasn’t sure why. I just held him.

2 thoughts on “Love is All You Need

  1. “He stood up today and wasn’t sure why. I just held him.”
    Whew. There’s a metaphor in there, D. Sometimes I “stand up”(feel sad, confused, angry, bereft, outraged, despairing, bewildered, embarrassed, ashamed) and am not sure why and the only thing that helps is to just be held. Literally. Spiritually.
    Bless you, beholder of Mark. And thank you for sharing it with us. We’re beholding/holding him too. And YOU.

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