Mark comes home on Friday. His case manager called today to relay notes from the rehab team’s weekly meeting about Mark. He’s reached “independent” in a few areas, including getting from the bed to the toilet. He’s assessed as needing to be “supervised” at many tasks, including walking, bending over, and eating. His orientation is “intermittent.” His ability to bathe is “supervised” and requires “prompting.” They ordered a bedside commode for the home.

The infusion company called me to set up the delivery for tube feeding equipment. A nurse will come on Saturday to make sure I know how to use it all. OT, PT, and speech therapy still need to be set up to come to the home next week. He goes back to the Cancer Center next Tuesday for IV fluid, bloodwork, and an oncology appointment. Tonight, I went on Amazon and bought a few more things. More anti-slip stickers to place on tiled bathroom surfaces. A moisture-proof bed pad.

Mark comes home on Friday.

I am trying to be ready.

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