What is Love

What is love? I always wondered. I tried. I failed. I tried again. I learned. I had kids and they broke open my heart and taught me a mother’s love, fierce and true. And then came the big lesson, in the form of this guy. Electrodes and staples and dried blood and defiance. My friend Cathy might call it a God wink. I can see that. My friend Beth might say this is all f’d up. And rightly so. My friend Kim might give me two points for the positive post. I accept. My parents might tell me God finds a way. For sure. All I know, tonight, is that the house smells like the bolognese sauce I’m making, the boys made it through a hard night, and this guy relies on me for his whole life. What is love? Maybe it’s this. 

2 thoughts on “What is Love

  1. ❤️ looks like love to me.
    really honored to receive your writing, Diane. thanks for sharing and letting us witness.

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