Tomorrow Mark

Just another summer morning? Maybe, but in this photo I see something new. It’s Tomorrow Mark. Tomorrow Mark looks ahead, because there is an ahead. He wears shorts because he finally isn’t freezing all the time. He reads a bulb catalog because autumn will come. And then after it, another spring.

12 thoughts on “Tomorrow Mark

  1. Hi dear Diane and precious Mark so beautiful and heartwarming
    I weep tears of joy and happiness for both of you
    Looking forward to seeing your beautiful garden Mark.You are an amazing young man and keeping you in my prayers each day with love and caring.Sending gentle hugs your way!❤❤☀🙏🙏🌞

  2. Hope is a beautiful thing! So happy that Mark is feeling it again.
    And you too! Truly a miracle we have witnessed.💖😊💖

    1. What’s interesting is that the radiation zapped most of his facial hair, EXCEPT in the goatee area. What you see is basically all that will grow, except for a few straggly bits here and there. Radiation is a funny thing….

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