Grocery Store Sushi

My friends, it has been a week. Lots of Mark action, lots of stress, lots of seizures, two ambulances, scans and blood tests and an appt with the neurosurgeon and neuro oncology, and the best news ended up being that his brain and sinus surgery is not cancelled. That’s right, it’s somehow Great News! that he gets to have this extensive and challenging surgery. I have retreated to my happy spot: in my car. The air conditioner is blasting and I’m parked in the shade in the corner of a funeral home parking lot, eating grocery store sushi. A few moments of peace. And a smile, just so you know I’m okay. 

4 thoughts on “Grocery Store Sushi

  1. How to send sushi via this comment section?!
    Dang it.
    Thanks for the facial update.
    There you are. ❤️
    Here we are: all the way over here holding you in our hearts.

  2. There’s an appropriate card in the mail for you. (There’s a card for that [though not by hallmark].)

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