Hospital Cafeteria Yelp Reviews

My friend Kim suggested that I write reviews of hospital cafeterias, as I’ve been to many in the past year. Here are my Yelp reviews: AGH: kinda busted down, but in a charming way. Basement feel but access to a patio and courtyard is a plus. The endless loop of bird screeches to scare off… other birds …. is kind of annoying. MD Anderson: sausage gravy at every station. I have nothing more to say. I love the South. Children’s: bright and friendly. Could be larger, but bonus points for kiddie meals. Starbucks on the first floor has a little playhouse you can fit into to eat your bacon gouda sandwich and drink your latte. In case you were wondering. Montifiore: institutional and uninspired, and now with each table having only one chair and all chairs facing forward, it feels like you’re waiting for a nun to come by to rap your knuckles. Hillman: what it lacks in size, it makes up for with the friendliest staff. I go there just to be called “Honey”and “Love.” Yes, thank you, this Baby will definitely try to have a blessed day. Shadyside: There’s a few little clusters of comfy chairs and side tables where you can eat and not feel like you are in a cafeteria. If you don’t look up, that is. Take a load off, watch some Netflix, and eat a soft pretzel. Presby: I have discovered my favorite. It’s bright and modern, tall ceilings, lots of nooks and crannies if you want to hide out. You can eavesdrop easily on the residents complaining about doctors and patients while noshing on crunchy fries. Plus, they have fresh sushi.

2 thoughts on “Hospital Cafeteria Yelp Reviews

  1. First noticing: Kim is brilliant. I like that you have an occasional sidekick in these posts. It’s a little like late-night.
    Second noticing: that is a SHIT TON of hospitals. Do you have Platinum Status? Frequent Flier? Punch card?

    1. That is a great idea! Maybe if you have enough punches in your card, you get one free small coffee. I’d take it. Since they’ve taken away all the free coffee in the waiting rooms, due to covid.

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