In the midst of ongoing concerns about Mark’s recovery from his infection and surgery, there is reason to celebrate. I’m posting this old photo from a happy day (my niece Allison and her wife Kelsey’s wedding!) to announce that this guy is officially retired!

Mark worked at two places in his whole life. The local amusement park, Kennywood, when he was a teenager, and then the local big company, Bechtel Bettis. Thirty six years is a long time to work at one place. It’s bittersweet. Mark would have chosen to retire on his own terms. Strong, decisive, ready. Parties, celebrations, remembrances. While going out like this would not have been his preference, it’s an accomplishment to be celebrated nonetheless. Congratulations Mark! Job well done.

4 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. Yes, retirement in the time of covid is crazy, but 36 years is admirable. A part of the older generation that stayed put. Matt is 37 and had had something like six or seven jobs! Yay for Mark.

  2. Mark, congratulations. 36 years at one company is almost unheard of anymore. I’m happy to have spent 6 years with you at Kennywood. I’m so glad to see that you are doing well. I wish you, Diane, and your family all the best.

    1. Thank you! I am so proud of him for all the hard work he has done in his life to take care of himself and his family. I read your comment to Mark. He said thank you!

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