My Mark

Dear Friends and Family near and far, neighbors, community members, and virtual strangers who have appeared and woven themselves into a cherished framework of online support: My beautiful Mark is leaving us. He was diagnosed in August 2019 with sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma. He is cancer free, but the accumulated damage from tumor and treatment has become too much for Mark to endure. Ultimately, radiation causing encephalomalacia (brain damage), and the encephalomalacia causing seizures that are drug resistant, is the probable cause. His body is simply slowing down and stopping. He is comfortable and being cared for by a wonderful team. Everyday, I tell Mark over and over the best thing I know to say: he is good, and he is loved. Every person reading this has helped us in some way, even if just by joining us from afar on this journey. Thank you. There have been many terrible times and many joyous moments and so many peaceful hours of contentment and love. I am grateful for the three bonus years Mark and I had together. I will keep holding his hand until the time comes when his spirit is ready to soar. With love, Diane

3 thoughts on “My Mark

  1. I have been thinking of you a lot lately and was planning to write to you, Diane. Now I’m just seeing this new post. Sometimes the body just knows when to shut down. I’m so glad Mark is content and that you can see him every day. I’m also so glad you made such a good decision recently….the timing was so right. My heart continues to go out to you, with love, from Pennsylvania. A stranger who cares and is living through a similar situation.

  2. Enough. It is enough. Good enough. Much respect to you both and your family. Sending love through the unfixable thing.

  3. Sending love and Prayers this morning for you dearest Diane and your precious loving Mark I love ❤️

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