Apparently the Rainbow Bridge is for animals, not people, but I like to think that Mark passed over riding on a glorious spectrum of light energy, has found his mom, dad, sister, and first wife, Kristen, has met his baby daughter Kayleigh for the first time, and is petting their dog Seamus. I hope he is laughing, singing, and organizing a softball game. I hope those that went before him gave advance notice to the angels that Mark likes to do things his own way, is deeply compassionate and kind, and may not follow every heavenly rule to the exact letter. Mark Joseph Hrehocik passed away at 12:55am, August 25, 2022, eight hours shy of exactly 10 years since Kristen died. He was surrounded by love and laughter and tears. He was and will always be cherished. Service to be announced.

5 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Mark is free at last, free to count the heavenly hummingbirds and free to proclaim the deep comfort and joy he received because of your fierce love. May the giant ache in your heart and the empty places in your days be filled both with memories and with renewed passion for life.

    1. Dear Diane….I’m so sorry for all your pain and may the love that you had between you always bring comfort to you when your heart aches. With caring thoughts from a stranger in PA…..Dianne P.

  2. This beautiful collection of posts is a treasure and testimony of the power of character and words.

    In the category of Hamilton’s “who lives, who dies, who tells your story”… Diane, you have done so well. Thank you for reminding us of the dignity of life, inspiring us to see beauty, and to love deeply. ❤️

  3. God now sees Mark and Mark sees God face to face. May he continue to enfold you, Diane, and his boys in his infinite love. Together You have walked the suffering journey of his Son, whom we know destroyed death once and for all and raises Mark to new and unshackled life. May His peace, grace, and compassion be yours in these extraordinarily difficult days. I pray unceasingly for you. We will see Mark again in the joy of the Resurrection. Thank God we experienced his good soul.

  4. Diane, I knew mark back in the CAC days c.1984. He was so much fun, always kind and wicked sense of humor. I am sorry he had to suffer, from your writings I can see he was well loved, I am glad you found each other.
    In my thoughts and prayers

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