Medical Update

Mark’s surgery has been scheduled for next Thursday. This is The Big Surgery. The fact that his forehead skin is now opened up is the reason that they pushed to schedule the surgery for as soon as possible. With three of their top surgeons involved, one of whom had to have a completely cleared schedule because Mark will be his only patient of the day, this is the fastest they could go. The fact that Mark broke his neck is not a limiting factor for moving forward with the surgery.

I don’t know, folks. This is … just … Oye. So much.

Mark currently is doing a good job of keeping his neck brace on. He seems down. He won’t talk about it. He watched TV the entire day today.

Watching Mark’s quality of life be shaved down to an even finer point is very, very difficult. He started to look forward to some simple things. He had started to have things he hoped to do. To shop for tomato plants. To plant them. To play poker with his friends once in May. To go the driving range with his friends.

I know there is no option except to move forward.

And still.

This. Sucks.

6 thoughts on “Medical Update

  1. He has endured so many challenges that it really breaks my heart……and then there’s you, also with a breaking heart and amazing resilience and love and support. Kind thoughts and prayers are offered by so many of us who care for you. Is it ever enough? COVID has forced the ‘distancing’. Our hope is that this upcoming surgery will be as beneficial as they aspire. Thank you for keeping everyone so carefully informed. ❤️

  2. Dear precious Diane and Precious Mark, I am so sorry to hear this breaks my heart for both of you.You have been. Through so much.Ihave requested extra prayers for him and asking my kids for their prayers roo.
    Ilove you both soo much🙏🙏❤❤xoxo

  3. This indeed sucks. My heart feels so heavy for you all. I wish we all could fill you up with our time, energy, lightness to give you extras to help during these next weeks. Consider yourself engulphed in a huge hug (unless the word engulphed = smothered and is off-putting. Then convert it to a warm hug.) ❤

    1. Thanks! As a science teacher, I hear engulfed and think immediately of an amoeba surrounding food and absorbing it in. So it’s kinda positive. Or at least, it is the natural system. I wouldn’t mind being engulfed right now. 🙂 xoxo

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